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The Midas Story

Legend of Midas Spring Legend has it that the migrating Catawba Indian tribe discovered the Midas spring. When one young brave fell ill and had to be left behind as the tribe moved with the seasons, it is said that he remained by the spring and drank the pure water and was restored to health by the time the tribe returned the following year.

When the land became settled in the 1800’s, the property around the spring was purchased and formed as a business entity by the John Williamson Sample, who was raised on the nearby Latta Plantation (now part of a county-owned park system). John married Margaret Ida Williams and together they had six children, the youngest named Robert Midas Sample. The child was called Midas – a name derived from his mother’s first initial, M, her middle name, Ida, and the last letter of her maiden name, S. Margaret died shortly after giving birth to Midas and when Midas died at the age of 1, John Sample named the spring in their honor. Subsequent owners of the property have kept the name specifically because of the significant and touching history.

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Midas Spring Water is the oldest manufacturer in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina and one of the oldest bottled water companies in the country. Midas was one of the few companies engaged in home and office delivery and continues to do so today.

The last decade brought a new chapter to the history of Midas with the purchase of the property by two brothers looking for developable property. Upon finding out about the spring and the unique mineral-rich properties, the brothers decided to continue the bottling of the water, even potentially becoming a draw for people the way many of the great springs of Europe do. One of the brothers likens the Midas spring to the medieval town of Fiuggi, in the hills south of Rome. "Michelangelo, the popes, they all drank at Fiuggi, and it is known for curing kidney stones,” he says. “The only difference is that our water may be better.”

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