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Water Analysis Report

Midas Spring Water is regularly inspected by the Food and Drug Administration and is tested daily. In addition, water samples are sent twice a year to National Testing Labs to extensively analyze the particular chemical elements in the water. Midas is proud of the fact that with the exception of the FDA’s mandatory filtering and ozonating process, the spring water, rich with minerals, is drawn directly from the spring and bottled, maintaining a high mineral content. (With some other brands, a purification process wipes out valuable mineral content.)

A Typical Analysis for Midas:

Calcium 20 mg/l
Magnesium 5.8 mg/l
pH at source 7.2
Copper .006 mg/l
Zinc .009 mg/l
Chloride 2.8 mg/l
Nitrate 0.32 mg/l
Alkalinity 90 mg/l
Conductivity 180
Total Dissolved Minerals 130 mg/l

For more information on the FDA standards for bottled water and the National Testing Laboratories, see these websites:

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