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Medical and health professionals differ in their answers to the question, “How much water should a person drink?” Because each human body’s needs are unique, the standard recommendation is in the area of two to three liters, or between 67 and 100 ounces, per day.

Because every system in the human body depends on water, having a mineral rich water is increasingly important to flush toxins out of the vital organs, leave important minerals like calcium and magnesium, and to carry nutrients to cells.

While the terms “mineral water” and “spring water” are often improperly used in the United States, Midas can boast of a mineral content that equals the highly-touted natural springs of Europe…


If you are really into learning about the benefits of naturally-occuring mineral rich water, we'd like to recommend this article:

Health significance of drinking water calcium and magnesium


For more information, we'll continue to post articles on the health benefits of waters that compare to Midas:

http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/theses/available/etd-04162009-113815/unrestricted/FINALWheltonDissertationMay09.pdf#page=19        "More than 100 years of research has focused on removing acute and chronic health threats to produce safe drinking water, but limited research has focused on the consequences of removing minerals that affect drinking water taste and health. This manuscript covers the human sense of taste, typical variations in drinking water taste, comparisons of global taste standards, the role of water chemistry and future research needs for understanding consumer preference. Results of several consumer tap and bottled water acceptability investigations conducted by the authors are presented."

http://stroke.ahajournals.org/content/29/2/411.full      "In conclusion, the results of the present study show that there is a significant protective effect of magnesium intake from drinking water on the risk of cerebrovascular disease. This is an important finding for the Taiwan water industry and human health risk assessment. Future studies should increase the precision of the estimation of the individual’s intake of calcium and magnesium, through both food and water, and control for confounding factors, especially personal risk factors such as smoking and hypertension."


      "The ideal bottled water should be rich in magnesium and calcium and have a low sodium content. Because there is great variation in the mineral content of commercially available bottled waters, the actual mineral content of bottled water should be considered when selecting one for consumption."


http://www.mgwater.com/rosanoff_high_heart_health_value_of_drinking_water_magnesium2013.pdf        "It would be wise and forward-thinking for public health officials to consider how high-magnesium drinking water might be made available to communities, i.e., water with magnesium levels of at least 10 ppm and ideally 25-110 ppm. bottled beverage makers might well be encouraged to consider how raising the magnesium content could improve the quality (and possibly future marketability) of their products. Certainly labeling of magnesium content in beverages and bottled waters (along with calcium and sodium is justified."


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