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Our Guarantee

Midas Golden Water Bottle

It is our vow to continue to provide nature’s purest and best directly to you. For over one hundred years, Midas Spring Water has not changed and continues to be bottled at the source and bottled with no fancy flavors, no additional insertion of minerals or chemicals.

We encourage our customers to keep Midas bottles out of the direct sunlight for any length of time and to not refill bottles with regular tap water.

Midas will not take damaged, dirty or used containers back as returns, but does encourage them to be recycled. In fact, Midas has recently switched from 4-gallon disposable containers to 5-gallon recyclable containers. With one small deposit per container, you can continue to bring your containers back to Midas and they will be sanitized and reused!

We always want our customers to be satisfied. Let us know how we can make your Midas experience a life experience.

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