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Our Process

Midas Spring Water is pumped up from a deep artesian well, several hundred feet below the surface and per FDA requirements, passed through Micron filters and UV lights to ensure that any bacteria is alleviated. Carefully adjusted ozonation levels are monitored to make sure the unique mineral content is not affected before passing through absolute Micron filters on the way to our 28-station bottle filler, where the bottles are capped, labeled, date codes and readied for shipping or delivery.

Midas Bottling Line Midas Bottling Line Midas Bottling Line

Unlike most other bottled water companies, Midas Spring Water doesn’t have to go through an extensive purification process, which often strips water of its beneficial minerals. The Midas well is so deep and so protected that our mineral content has had negligible changes since the company started monitoring the contents in the last century.

The Midas bottling process is simple, because, as one of our loyal customers told us, “Midas is simply perfect.”

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