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Ladies with Midas




We're Happy We Made THIS Customer Cry (read why):

Dethra Young


  — 5 stars

I went to Midas Spring Water last Thursday to get this highly recommended water but before going I looked it up online to see if I could find out anything about the company. I looked at the website for about 3 days and read the FAQ's, there were the basic water FAQ's. I wasn't impressed. Being extremely health conscious due to having health challenges, I wanted to make sure I wouldn't be wasting my time by going to get over rated water. Great water was the last thing I needed to enhance my healthy life style change. Healthy, great tasting water is a challenge to find in a local grocery store. Unless a household has a whole house water filtration system or some other type of water filtration system, with reverse osmosis, great, healthy, fluoride free water is almost impossible to find.

I get there to Midas Spring Water, it's a little quaint place. I was greeted by Jayne Chiesa. We talked about the water, available in bottles or 5 gallon jugs. I asked Jayne for a sample before I made the decision to make a purchase, she immediately said, "Of course". She was very kind and patient along with two other gentlemen there. I tasted my sample, it was nicely chilled, extremely refreshing and absolutely the BEST water I have ever tasted. Immediately when I took my first drink, I started crying!! Yes, crying!!! I know; it's just water right. Yes it's water, however my body and spirit was so appreciative and grateful it responded with tears and I cried a good little minute. Instantly my body responded to the properties of the water. I kept asking Jayne where had they been all my life. The water felt and feels good to my soul!!! I purchased three, 5 gallon jugs and the pump to go with the jugs.

I waited a week to write this review because I wanted to see if I could further see the difference in my health while drinking Midas Spring Water. And I have. I have more energy. I'm easily hydrated. My skin has a more healthful, youthful glow and is more full. I eat less. My smoothies taste better. Truly a remarkable difference in my overall health. Oh and my family loves Midas. Water. I am definitely impressed now. Midas Spring Water is a definitive fixture in our household.

Do your self and loved ones a favor, get to Midas Spring Water and help enhance your health with one of the best waters on the planet.

Thank you Midas Spring Water, Jayne and the two gentlemen, you all ROCK!!!

 [Note from Midas: Thank YOU, Dethra! We couldn't have said it better!]



On Our 2014 Summer Community Garden:

I just wanted to voice my happiness that Huntersville is finally getting a desperately-needed community garden.  We live in a townhouse, and when I heard you wanted to start one, I immediately got excited because my two young kids and I don't have access to land to grow our own vegetables.  Davidson has a community garden, and I've always envied how active they are in supporting their needier residents.  They donate their vegetables to the Ada Jenkins Center and other groups serving their community.  

A week ago, I was so excited to see that our seeds are taking root and growing.  Imagine how rich our harvest will be this year!  We will all be able to benefit from this, and be able to give to needier Huntersville residents.  I think the bean tee-pee was a great idea, too, because the kids are excited to have a shady hideout to sit in while the grown-ups tend the plants.

If you have a way to get in touch with whomever runs Midas Spring, please let them know how grateful I am for allowing us to have such a generous amount of space for this.  I have driven up and down Beatties Ford Rd. for 20 years, and have never heard of Midas Spring until a month ago.  I hope this has helped their business.  I bought a case of their water that I found on the bottom shelf at our local Earthfare.  I wouldn't have noticed it, had it not been for recognizing the sign now that I've helped with the garden a few times.  This has the potential to really boost their business.  I asked them to buy two cases of water at the facility prior to finding it on the shelf at Earthfare, and they were trying to get a new bottling machine.  I really hope that we can keep their precious spring water business profitable, especially since I learned that it has been around the longest in our county.  

One concern though, even though I've been there and inquired about buying their water, I never really see anyone there but other employees.  Is there anything I can do to spread the word?  Can we start a Community Garden Facebook page?  I feel like we should help them since they've helped us so much.  Please let me know if I can help with this.

Thank you kindly, 


From Birkdale Village:

"I purchased a case of Midas Spring Water last month for a very special corporate guest. We had the Regional Vice President of Shopping Center Management, Dawn Lecklikner and special guest – two time Emmy award winner, Kevin Briody visit us for an awards celebration. I wanted to focus on all the great local items our town of Huntersville has to offer. Therefore, I purchased a Yah’s Best Salsa, local honey and of course, Midas Spring Water amongst other local items. I am very pleased to share that they were fascinated by the story behind the water, impressed with the distinctive blue bottle and delighted with the taste. It’s important to me that you are aware of the fantastic product you have. Thank you for continuing to offer us with yet another tool that makes promoting Huntersville an easy task. Keep up the GREAT work! I will continue to promote and patronize your product." - Raquel Crespo,Assistant General Manager at Birkdale Village

Charlotte Observer:

Kids with disabilities learn skills to help them be self-sufficient at Midas Spring Water Student garden more than plant care for full story, click here


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