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The Midas Spring Facility

The Midas spring and facility are located on the outskirts of Huntersville, North Carolina, protected from development by a county watershed protection program and adjacent to a county park. The original spring is enclosed in a springhouse that was handcrafted during the Great Depression. The newer manufacturing facility was once the location of a naturopathic practitioner's office, who planned to build a nursing home on the property to allow residents to take advantage of the spring’s restorative properties. Visitors on the property can still see the original footings for the nursing home and have been known to find old bottles from the facility’s varied history.

Midas Spring House
Old Midas Bottle

Plant Specifications

  • Modern State of the art, sanitary process bottling equipment
  • FDA inspected
  • IBWA inspected
  • Capacity of 1,000,000+ cases per year
  • Management and production personnel fully trained with continued education of food safety and sanitary processing.
  • Continuous extensive monitoring of water quality – in house and by outside laboratories
  • Large warehouse facility with 5-bay shipping docks to receive and expedite orders from all size carriers.

Today, the bottling process takes place in a warehouse adjoining the original office and shipments and deliveries take place daily. Direct sales out of this facility are available to customers Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.

New Midas Building

Many visitors come to Midas for the surrounding nature and often will stop in to simply enjoy the quiet and to listen to the sounds of birds, the water in the nearby stream or to look for the occasional fox, deer, rabbit or other wildlife. We have recently begun the process for a community garden and encourage local residents to come out and participate.

As we continue to entertain visitors, we are finding more interest in field trips and the potential for weddings and other events. We are excited about any possible opportunities and encourage you to contact Jayne, click here.

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