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Water Facts

  1. Somewhere between 70 and 75 percent of the earth’s surface is covered with water.
  2. Much more fresh water is stored under the ground in aquifers than on the earth’s surface.
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  4. The total amount of water on the earth is about 326 million cubic miles of water.
  5. Roughly 70 percent of an adult’s body is made up of water.
  6. Soft drinks, coffee, and tea, while made up almost entirely of water, also contain caffeine. Caffeine can act as a mild diuretic, preventing water from traveling to necessary locations in the body.
  7. Pure water (solely hydrogen and oxygen atoms) has a neutral pH of 7, which is neither acidic nor basic.
  8. Water dissolves more substances than any other liquid. Wherever it travels, water carries chemicals, minerals, and nutrients with it.
  9. By the time a person feels thirsty, his or her body has lost over 1 percent of its total water amount.
  10. The weight a person loses directly after intense physical activity is weight from water, not fat.
  11. Drinking alcoholic beverages dehydrates your body.
  12. Water may help suppress your appetite.
  13. Drinking enough water helps many medical ailments: chronic fatigue, allergies, depression, digestive problems, urinary tract problems, constipation and more.
  14. Drinking enough water actually prevents water retention.
  15. Water helps you improve your muscle tone.
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  17. The United States uses about 346,000 million gallons of fresh water every day.
  18. Water is important to the mechanics of the human body. The body cannot work without it, just as a car cannot run without gas and oil. In fact, all the cell and organ functions that make up our entire anatomy and physiology depend on water for their functioning.
  19. Water serves as a lubricant.
  20. Water forms the base for saliva.
  21. Water forms the fluids that surround the joints.
  22. Water regulates the body temperature, as the cooling & heating is distributed through perspiration.
  23. Water helps to alleviate constipation by moving food through the intestinal tract and thereby eliminating waste - the best detox agent.
  24. Water helps to regulate metabolism.

Since water is so vital to the chemical makeup of our bodies, it only makes sense that what we put in our bodies should be of the best, most natural quality. To ensure the ultimate in health and wellness, Midas Spring Water is your best bet.

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