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Why Midas?

Midas Soda Water

“In use since 1867, Midas Mineral Spring Water is a famous health-giving and refreshing natural mineral water. It is odorless, and free to use daily. Its high content of magnesium and calcium, as well as its mild alkalinity promote the proper assimilation of food into the rich red blood characteristics of good health and energy. The natural mineral elements found in this wholesome and natural table water are the same medicinal agents widely prescribed by physicians for body-building and vital energy…

In a constantly changing world, the natural purity of Midas Water has remained the same, through all the centuries it has come out of the rich subterranean recesses of North Carolina, Midas Water flows from this age-old mineral spring into the bottling reservoir and is bottled for quick delivery the same day.”

Midas Soda Water

--New York Health Commissioner Royal S. Copeland, M.D. 1923

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